Why buy original art in Dubai!

Dubai is becoming more and more focused on art and culture with the annual art exhibition World Art DubaiAl Serkal Avenue, and so many other art galleries around the city.

And while buying prints from any of dubai malls is easy, we have 5 important reasons to why you should buy original art instead…

Reason # 1: One of a Kind

While prints can be found everywhere, original art, especially fluid art, is unique so you are buying a one of a kind piece.

Reason # 2: Can go up in Value

Unlike prints, original art is an investment and can go up in value over time.

Reason # 3: There is a Story Behind

Original art reflects emotions, feelings and a story behind it. Ask the artist, if possible, and enjoy the details.

Reason # 4: Original art is Engaging

It can start a discussion with friends, children and one’s self. What can you see? is a common question when you look at an abstract painting for example. Each person usually sees something different.

Reason # 5: Original art is Personal

When you buy an original painting, it is yours! it made you feel something and that is why you bought it. it spoke to you. so whenever you look at it again and again, you never get bored. It relates to you and you relate to it.

for more information about original affordable paintings and art, visit www.artchic.ae – Art Chic by Hanan Nagi

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