What is Fluid Art?

Some of the questions I receive regularly…

– How did you do that!

– Is this plastic on top?

– Is this glass layer that reflects the light?​​

 – How come it is so smooth?

    – Why do you have an air compressor and a blowtorch in your studio?!

My answer is the same…this is called fluid art..

Unlike controlled art where brushes are typically used to apply the paint on canvas or any other painting surface, fluid art, where the painting is made using high flow acrylics, resin, special pigments, and other materials, is not as controlled.

With fluid art, the painting process mainly depends on the artist’s intuitive sense of beauty and colours as air and fire are used to turn the fluids into a beautiful abstract or a breathtaking landscape

And while all fluid art pieces have a beautiful flow of colours, resin art particularly has a high-end look with a glass-like finish. it reflects the light perfectly, easy to clean and resistant to heat and humidity.

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Making of fluid art videos are coming soon 

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