Lucky Koi Pond Mirror

AED 5,500

In Feng Shui Koi fish symbolize good fortune, and a number of 9 Koi fish signifies unity, prosperity and longevity. In this painting you will find 8 gold (red orange) Koi and 1 black Koi that is said to balance your life and protect you from all of the negative energy you may face.

Dimensions: H: 180cm, W: 95cm, D: 4.5cm.
Accept Returns: Yes
Framed: Yes
Handpainted: Yes
Offer viewing: Yes
Size: Large
Medium: Acrylic
Rooms: Bedroom, Common Areas, Dining Room, Living Room
Shape: Horizontal, Vertical
Shipping insurance: Yes
Stretched: No
*Please click on image for more details on the artist’s technique and colours used.*Kindly note that variations to the image shown may occur as these are hand painted products.
Seller: Artchic Location: Dubai
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