Crazy flowers

AED 1,150

Nature is my biggest inspiration in life and I do what I can to protect it and to raise an awareness of how precious and important every life creature is. Flowers have been my fascination for a long time and what strikes me the most is how delicate and short lived they are. Some of them only bloom for one day and deliver the most breathtaking beauty.

Dimensions: H: 70cm, W: 100cm, D: 1cm.
Accept Returns: No
Framed: No
Handpainted: Yes
Offer viewing: Yes
Size: Large
Medium: Mixed Media
Rooms: Bedroom, Common Areas, Dining Room, Living Room
Shape: Horizontal
Shipping insurance: No
Stretched: Yes
*Please click on image for more details on the artist’s technique and colours used.*Kindly note that variations to the image shown may occur as these are hand painted products.
Seller: Artchic Location: Dubai
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