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UAE strives to preserve a cohesive society proud of its identity and sense of belonging. Thus promoting an amalgamation of cultures that integrates all segments of society while preserving the UAE’s rich & unique culture, heritage and traditions while reinforcing social and family cohesion simultaneously. The umbrella of flags in the painting are symbolic of the melting pot of cultures present in the U.A.E & further do emphasise the concept of Unity & Tolerance. A 3D RELIEF PAINTING with Clay, texture & acrylic paints . Technique - Relief is a sculptural technique, where the sculpted elements(CLAY/ TEXTURE PASTE) remain attached to a solid background of the same material. The term relief MEANS to raise. To create a sculpture in relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background plan.

Dimensions: H: 80cm, W: 80cm, D: 2cm.
Accept Returns: No
Framed: No
Handpainted: Yes
Offer viewing: Yes
Size: Large
Medium: Mixed Media
Rooms: Common Areas, Dining Room, Living Room
Shape: Horizontal
Shipping insurance: No
Stretched: Yes
*Please click on image for more details on the artist’s technique and colours used.*Kindly note that variations to the image shown may occur as these are hand painted products.
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