Art Of The Arab World

AED 2,500

This 3D embossed art is on plywood with oil and Acrylic colors. It's a set of five paintings, four paintings are 30cm X 30cm. The centre painting is 45cm X 30cm. Islamic Art is mostly vibrant and distinctive. Speciality of Islamic Art isn’t restricted to religious work, but includes all the artistic tradition in Arab culture ..Gulf Art is often characterized by recurrent motifs such as the use of geometrical floral or vegetal designs in a repetition known as the arabesque. The Arabesque in Islamic Art is mostly used to symbolize the transcendent , indivisible and infinite nature of God.. through my Artwork I tried to capture all the traditions and culture of Arab world and made the series of “Art of the Arab world."

Dimensions: H: 30cm, W: 30cm, D: 5cm.
Accept Returns: No
Framed: Yes
Handpainted: Yes
Offer viewing: Yes
Size: Medium
Medium: Mixed Media
Rooms: Common Areas, Living Room
Shape: Horizontal
Shipping insurance: No
Stretched: Yes
*Please click on image for more details on the artist’s technique and colours used.*Kindly note that variations to the image shown may occur as these are hand painted products.
Seller: Artchic Location: Dubai
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