4 Symptoms if experienced you know you have found the ‘right’ painting for you!

While most people think that the selection of an original painting should mainly depend on the interiors design and colours scheme in thier home or office, I have found that most people who were lucky enough to find and posses the ‘right’ painting/art for them had experienced one or all of the following symptoms!..

1- Just like falling in love, your heart would probably skip a beat! You would typically have that wow effect allover your face and your jaw will drop! you may also hear a sound in your head saying..I must have that! 

2- The right piece of art ‘for you’ will make you gaze at it for a while, getting happily lost in the details..

3- It would also stir emotions, you will feel something.. A special part of you that this one painting will manage to connect with directly and without your permission!

4- You will keep thinking about that painting/art piece even after you can no longer see it. You won’t just forget about it, and if you are lucky it will be still there when you go back to get it (I know I was not that lucky 15 years ago when I let the right painting (for me) slip through my fingers..something I still regret to date!”

Art is not just a part of a decor setting, it is one of the few things in life that can take your breath away.. and add some colour to your life.. Literally!

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