Artwork Paintings

Carrying an unparalleled selection of artwork, Art Chic is recognized as one of the leading online art galleries in Dubai. We offer a platform that connects the famous artist, Hanan Nagi, with the art seekers and facilitates buying and selling of artwork paintings.

Hanan showcases her incredible artwork so that more and more art lovers can take a look at her collection, get inspired and can buy artwork gallery paintings that they find exceptionally good. Along with the opportunity to help the art seekers buy paintings online, we are dedicated to offering them unmatched services as well.​

By following a few steps on our website, you can purchase artwork paintings at a reasonable price. The collection of artwork gallery paintings we display in our gallery can offer you a rich experience of outstanding Art artwork that will induce you to buy one for your home or office. From canvas painting to oil paintings, from fluid art to contemporary paintings, the work showcased in our gallery has been selected for their artistic merit by our team of art professionals.​

Although we believe in an art that is expectational and unique in all sense, we are also convinced that it should be reasonable, so that the art seekers can buy them without breaking the bank. This is why our art artwork is affordable, rather than excessively priced.​

We hope you will enjoy browsing and buying artwork paintings from Art Chic. However, we continuously try to improve our site and services; if you have any suggestions, we will welcome it. 

Spare some time, and get a look at our artwork today.

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