Art Exhibitions Dubai

Hanan Nagi has participated in many art exhibitions in Dubai showcasing her talent.

The abstract collection of paintings she exhibited included some of her artwork such as ‘The Saharas”, ‘Crater of Love’ and “The Secret”.​

Art Chic brings to you an exclusive collection of art paintings, including watercolor, oil, acrylic, mix-media and much more by the great innovative artist, Hanan Nagi.

We showcase art exhibitions in Dubai for the art lovers who are looking to get inspired and buy a unique work of art to enhance their home or office décor.

Our Dubai exhibition center will have unique and splendid art works that are work of some of the contemporary greats in the field.


At our art exhibitions in Dubai, you will find some of the most mind-blowing artwork by Hanan Nagi that will simply take your breath away and will cajole you to buy one for your home. Another great thing is that you can buy the fantastic artwork of the artist at an affordable rate from our Dubai exhibition center.

Check out the collection of a variety of paintings listed on this page, and buy the one you want to enhance the interior of your home or office space.

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